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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2017
***See edit below****

I purchased these headphones to:
1. Block out the construction noise right outside my window...
2. Replace my current, well used, bluetooth headphones

* Comfortable on my ears
* Blocked about 95% of the construction noise, other people's conversations on the busses, and general unwated noise pollution
* Amazing battery life!! Literally used it from 7:30am - 8:00pm because... noise.
* Sound quality: Since I'm not particularly and audiophile, I wasn't looking to hear everything but for me the quality was fantastic! Because I did end up hearing everything of whatever I was playing (from music to podcasts).

* Loose speakers (or something) in the headphones, making a rattling sound at the slightest movement. That could range from going over a tiny TINY bump on the road, to my every single step. Since I walk about 2 miles every day, that's a lot of rattling.
* Horrible mic. Over the past 3 weeks I tested the mic in my office, walking to/from my office, at home, on the bus, in the city, and out in the country. No matter where I was, the time of day, or the weather (clear sunny sky, or pouring rain), I couldn't be heard.
* Aux cable doesn't include separate mic

Why did I wait so long? 1. The noise pollution outside of my window drove me insane. It's calmed down quite a bit so the URGENT need for these is gone. However, I will be ordering a different pair ASAP. 2. I wanted to see if I could just live with the mic being terrible and the rattling noises in the headphones. Note, these two cons were an issue from the get go but because I desperately needed to cancel the noise from right outside of my window, I decided to bare with it. Now that it's somewhat bareable, these issues have become annoying.

I would recommend this product if you don't intend to use the mic and if you just sit still with the headphones. It's possible I got a lemon, but those were my issues and because of the fact that the Aux cable doesn't have a mic (and come to think of it the headphones don't have phone controls), it doesn't really suit all of my needs. Again, this was a desprate purchase so I'd have probably passed on them if I read the description better. I liked the sound quality, though, so I'll be going through their products to see if they have something that checks off all of what I need!


So, I didn't realize that Cowin had responded to my review until literally today. However, they did send me a replacement headset in like 2 days which was AMAZING!! For that alone, this gets one more star. With the set they sent me, the rattling is barely there and it does take a rickety bus to make them move around in the earpieces. Unfortunately, the mic is still poor in quality. I've asked several people, in several locations how I sounded and each said I sounded muddy at my normal speaking level. In order to be heard somewhat clearly, I have to yell which doesn't necessarily work when you're in a crowded place, and worse, when in transit. Still, I love the sound and have actually seen a number of people walking around with them.
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