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Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2018
Received the unit on the 14th, but didn't try to setup until the 16th. Setup went perfect. All the OTA channels I was receiving on my Tivo unit were received on the Recast. The problem was, there was no DVR tab present on the Fire Stick home screen. Screwed with it for about 3 hours. Reset it and the fire stick more than once. All software was the latest. Finally said the hell with it, packed it up for return and dropped it off at UPS on the 17th.

Went to try to review the item and couldn't. Kept saying the product had not been released. Emailed customer service this morning the 19th. Just got a response from CS telling me there was an issue upon product release that has now been fixed. They asked me to try it again. They obviously didn't read my email where I clearly stated the unit had been returned.

I was really looking forward to this product.

They also said that reviews were now allowed. So here's mine.

Just raised my review from 1 to 3 stars, only because Amazon technical support saw my review and took the time to call me about the issue. Although I already returned the unit, I can't verify that the know issue of the DVR tab not appearing has been corrected. I will probably wait a week or so to make sure all the initial bugs are worked out and then try it again. I really hope it works as advertised as I so badly want to get rid of Tivo.

5/3/2019, Lowering my review to 2 stars.
Purchased early, right after introduction. Returned first unit and re-ordered.
Find that I am having to reboot either or both the Recast and/or the Firestick at least weekly if not more. Popping sound during replay of recordings. Recordings fast forward for no reason. Recordings stall for seconds at a time. Takes too long for requested content, live or recorded to start playing. When using remote to delete a watched show, the screen jumps back to "watch/re-watch" at least twice before it will stay on the "delete" button. Requested recordings are missed occasionally. I'm not a novice at tech. Been beta testing products and equipment going back 20 years. Have more than sufficient bandwidth. Current modem and wife router. Ethernet to Recast, Wifi to firestick, tried both 2.4 and 5.0. Moved firestick location multiple times. Less than 20 feet to router. Just about to give up. Feel like I'm beta testing for Amazon.
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