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July 20, 2019
And it's not the first of countless seemingly-needless live-action/CGI remakes to Disney's animated classics; this is the original 1961 animated classic that saved Disney from going belly-up, as did Dumbo in the 40's, and Cinderella in the 50's! The original 101 Dalmatians is Disney's 17th animated feature, and the first for Disney to use a unique background and design style, with lots of ink lines in the backgrounds, and especially Xerox technology all through the movie! The Xerox stuff was experimented with in Sleeping Beauty, and the Oscar-nominated short Goliath II, even in spite of the latter reusing a lot of old footage from several features and shorts! Starting here, Xerox would used for the whole movie, especially for all the spots on all 101 Dalmatians! It would've been a severe pain in the butt (and hands) to have all the spots drawn by hand without Xerox! The book's author, Dodie Smith, was actually very pleased with the movie, but just 99%, on account of her name not being seen in the opening credits for very long. Even so, not many other authors are quite THAT happy with their books becoming movies of any sort, even today! This wasn't the first animated feature by Disney to take place in the present time, the first was Dumbo just 20 years earlier, since the Dalmatians have a black-and-white TV to watch Thunderbolt! One of Disney's all-time greatest villains got her start here, that being Cruella de Vil! Not only did this movie have a live-action remake in 1996, that had a sequel in 2000, 102 Dalmatians, and this movie had a TV series in 1997, from the folks behind the Disneytoon version of Doug, as well as its own home video sequel in 2003, that being 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure! Even with all that, nothing beats a lovingly-made original! It's been a personal favorite of my Daddy and sister since we had it on VHS in the 90's, and even more so with the 2015 Diamond Edition combo pack now! Hopefully, it'll remain in its original unaltered Fullscreen format for its Signature Edition; after all, the Disney Movie Club reissued the Diamond Edition as a Limited Issue release in 2018, as with those of The Jungle Book in 2019, but with no Digital Codes at all! Make sure you add the original 101 Dalmatians to your Disney classics' libraries today, unless you're waiting for the Signature Edition to come soon! Believe it or not, this movie debuted around the time of Mel Blanc's near-fatal car accident on Sunset Boulevard's Dead Man's Curve! It was nothing less than a miracle that he survived, especially after his doctor thought to talk to the characters Mel voiced, and he answered the doc in such voices! He even got to voice many of his Looney Tunes characters for Who Framed Roger Rabbit just 1 year before his passing in 1989, and that was a Disney and Touchstone production! If you're seeing lots of spots in 101 Dalmatians, don't worry, it's only the Dalmatians themselves!
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