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Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2019
I'm attempting to use this derma-roller for my own personal use of facial hair growth and stimulation. I will also be following up on this review throughout my experience.

For those of you looking through all of the different derma-rollers Amazon offers from it's sellers, I'll tell you the reason I chose this specific one. The first thing that I gravitated to was the price. This derma-roller is $15.99 when I purchased it and fulfilled by Amazon, this makes it one of the cheapest rollers offered on Amazon as well as offering an Amazon protected refund if anything bad happened before shipping or while handling. The second reason I chose this derma-roller was for the needle length. I'm a scientific researcher myself, going to school for medicine and I've had to do NUMEROUS papers on scientific studies, so I tried to see what I could find on derma-rollers.
What I found from my personal research in posted and published scientific studied is that 0.5mm-1.0mm micro-needle lengths is perfect for using on face to induce facial hair growth. 1.0mm would be used for people with decent facial hair growth and needing to just micro-needle over the already grown hair and to fill in the patches. Whereas the 0.5mm would be for people like me who have no facial hair to really mess with or work around with the derma-roller. Given this, I knew I would be needing to look for a 0.5mm derma-roller to start with!
The second part in the study, which is somewhat included in this kit, was a hair growth serum. The studies used a generic hair growth serum on the control group and the derma-roller WITH the serum on the experimental group. Per the studies, at the end of every month, each patient in the experimental group using the derma-roller showed a average hair growth that was 40% greater than the control group using ONLY the serum. This was enough for me to look not only to invest in a derma-roller, but also one that was at least 0.5mm and also a growth serum.

In conclusion, for those looking to speed up facial hair growth, this set is PERFECT for the price and contents included. The serum included is a very generic one, so I will be using it for the time being and posting my results monthly which may change my original review. I will leave this review at a 4-stars for the time being, and if I see change in the following month with only using the serum included and the derma-roller included I will update and post a 5-star.

For those of you looking for scalp hair growth, the current studies show best using Rogaine or another Minoxidil product with a 1.0mm-1.5mm derma-roller. Do NOT go above 1.5mm without being somewhat medically knowledgeable of micro-needling and of the epidermis! You can cause damage to your skin with improper use of needles that long, so please be weary!

For anyone curious on how to use the derma-roller properly, whether it be for scalp or facial hair growth. The order that best fit the studies was:
1. Prep your face/scalp with whatever you may have access to. Exfoliate, scrub, soap, warm water, the whole cleansing routine. Just be sure to end the routine with warm water and complete dryness of the skin.
2. Sterilize your derma-roller in a high-alcohol solution for at least 60 seconds prior to use, then dip in warm water.
3. Use the derma-roller in areas. Use every motion(up-down, left-right, diagonal-right, diagonal-left) and do each of the motions 7-10 times where "up" then "down" counts as two, or one count each. You do not have to press very hard, for you will know if the needles are working by the redness the needles rapidly cause your skin to do. (What I personally do is go one direction around my entire face, then go back around another direction, and continue to do that until all 4 directions are complete)
4. Apply the serum to the newly itchy/red face/scalp. The serum sort of relieves the itch, and smells somewhat decent. I personally believe I may be upgrading, but I would like to use and rate the serum this kit comes with since I paid for it and will give a proper review for those interested!
5. Do these steps once a day, and probably most beneficially and efficiently after a shower of course. If you've got the proper skin and genetics for hair growth, you SHOULD see a change within a month by average 40% greater than just using a simple serum rubbed on your face/scalp!
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