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Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2018
 The bottom line is Recast works adequately as your very basic DVR but it has a long way to go to catch up to the spit and polish of a Tivo product. I give it 3.5 stars but I that may be a tad generous. I will post a video and screenshots tomorrow and keep updating this first impressions review.

I was going to replace my Tivo Bolt and its ridiculous subscription fees when I purchased this Recast along with a necessary media streaming product, a couple new Fire TV 4k Sticks. The Tivo user interface whose priority is the TV broadcast and DVR features versus the Fire TV which is much more leaning towards online streaming with a very secondary priority of the DVR functions. It tries to valiantly to make up for the inferior menu structure by the use of the Alexa voice interface in the Fire TV 4K stick but you can tell it still early in its development and the overall feel seems still a little awkward for me. I am sure that Amazon will make great improvements in the interface and look and feel but for someone that knows what the competition has to offer for a 4K DVR solution, I think I would look long and hard at the Tivo Bolt OTA before making a decision.

My home entertainment system doesn't use cable or satellite and currently uses an LG 65in OLED TV, Sony A/V amp, Tivo Bolt, Roku 4k Premium, Harmony Hub remote,, roof mounted HD antenna. We watch for the most part basic OTA channels, and stream Netflix, Prime Video and Vudu

-very competitive pricing, responsive and doesn't lag when operating the remote
-very easy to setup including the new remote to be used as a universal control of my entertainment system. Nicely done Amazon. Comparing this to my Harmony Hub setup I would say Logitech could learn from you.
-Yea! NO subscription fees! (but your program guide info only goes out for a few days so of like the Tablo does for its free version)
-Hands-Free Voice commands with my Echo Dot; Using the new Fire TV 4k Stick I got limited Alexa voice control when I connected to my Echo Dot for hands-free operation as well as the using the dedicated remote.
-Easy to use Dedicated Remote; the new Fire TV 4k Stick remote has very few dedicated buttons like volume control but this minimalistic design is not overcome with the Alexa voice features. Hopefully in the near future upgrades will help out. The Tivo remote has much more functionality like Tivo's commercial Skip, frame by frame, slow motion, Quickmode, etc.

-Program Guide only goes out a few days so your ability to set up future recordings for the first time stinks but remember there is no subscription fee so I am willing to try.
-4 tuners yes but after speaking with tech support there are only two transcoders meaning you can only view a max of two simultaneous shows.
- a very basic user interface without lots of the functionality available on Tivo like commercial skip, slow motion, frame by frame, full-featured remote controller, etc.
- no 4k Vudu app for Fire TV. The inferior workaround is you can sideload the Vudu app but I could only get HDX as my highest quality stream although I have 4k Vudu content
- the 4k video out from FireTV 4k Stick absolutely fails on my LG OLED screen. I uploaded two pictures running credits (black background / white text) of the same movie. One picture shows the "black" of the screen almost greyish while the other picture is the same movie credits but through my Roku 4K and the black is as it is supposed to be on OLED which is all true black. THIS IS THE DEAL BREAKER for me. See my picture comparison.

I am hoping now that TiVo will offer a free version with no subscription fees offering because of this product. I will absolutely give this a go in the future to see how Amazon fixes the bugs and shortcomings on its DVR offering.
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