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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on December 15, 2019
As we were about to begin to potty train I ordered these. I choose to go with Pampers bc I’ve tried Huggins diapers before and did not care for them. I feel pampers diapers are far softer and more comfy for my little one so I assumed their potty training pants would be as well. I assumed wrong. Sure, they’re made to be less absorbent to encourage potty use, that wasn’t my issue. They are too hard for 2 year olds ( mine is 25 months) to pull up and down by themselves and when you do have a dirty one, there’s no way to close them up.
I have been using the newer pampers cruisers 360 diapers for a few months and these seem a far better option them the potty trainers. They’re softer and have the little table in the back to keep dirty diapers closed up when you’re done with them. We are going to try a case of Huggins pull ups and see if we like them better, if not I’ll just use the cruisers 360 until she’s in big girl panties.
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