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October 25, 2017
This book is one of the most riveting I have ever read. The only problem for me is I'm not sure I can finish the thing. It takes place in a German concentration camp during WWII. The NAZIs have been a lifelong fascination for me and I've read from A to Z about the camps. I'm over "80%" through The One Man, but I have a keen academic knowledge of what went on in the camps and the camp "authorities" are closing in on the main characters, who, along with two others, are young and trying to escape. The very thought of their capture and ensuing treatment is so frightening that I'm not sure I can read beyond where I'm at. Andrew Gross must have an intimate knowledge of the NAZI camps, to be able to write this so authoritatively and convincingly.
He, however, does not have the same degree of knowledge about jumping out of airplanes. In Chapter 29 Andrew has the main character jumping into occupied Poland. The plane is only at 1200 feet. The jumper has to be pushed out. He's never jumped before. Yet he goes out and counts to five and gets stable enough to deploy his chute. I have 1604 skydives, so I can tell you with some degree of conviction, that will never happen. More than likely at 1200 feet, he would be on the ground before counting past four. Not having jumped before would almost assure it because he would in all likelihood be tumbling in freefall. If he managed to deploy his chute, it would very probably wrap around him.
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