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October 18, 2019
The first clip-on tuners I ever bought were Snarks and have always been happy with their performance and the very nice and easy to read display...….but I absolutely love the low profile of the D'addario clip-on tuners. So much less noticeable on your instrument!!! By far, this is the best and maybe only selling point of this tuner. You do sacrifice in a smaller display but it is readable. Also, the plastic ratchet clamp that you adjust to fit to your headstock is noticeably cheap. I bought the 2 pack and the first time I attempted to clip one onto a rather small ukulele headstock, I was immediately concerned with the clamp breaking. It seemed stuck and wasn't easy to adjust or open up to a larger size. With care, I manage to slip it on and everything now is fine, just be careful the first few times you are adjusting the clamp and don't use force. If needed look at the video. Also, at the time of my purchase, this seller was still running an older add with a metronome feature included in the tuner. I bought the 2 pack option in Oct. 2019 and the metronome feature is not included in this model. Not a deal breaker for me though because I bought this for the low profile.....just be aware. Also, these do come already loaded with batteries, which is nice but you never know how long these batteries have been sitting in these preloaded models before being shipped out. I always make a point to turn mine off immediately after tuning and one of the batteries died after 2 days. Again, not a deal breaker for me but probably a smart thing to have a few spare batteries with you even with a brand new tuner. Time will tell how well these will hold up but any other clip-on from now on is going to seem huge in size after using these. So far, even with the cons, I am loving them.
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