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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2018
This book is great... I didn't give it a perfect score because it's no different than any other self help or spiritual book... everything contained here is contained in any Buddhist book , the power of Now, etc... But that being said, for those of you that find yourselves procrastinating, or just being unhappy with your life situation this is almost a perfect book ... short and sweet... you really already have ALL the information you need to be happy and live a healthy life... we JUST DON't do it... this guy really motivates you and makes a case for the cost you pay if you don't change your behavior... I also recommend Russell Brands "RECOVERY' yes, know, you are not an addict... or you don't think you are, but what are habits than just little addictions to patterns...
this book is brilliant in the way it smacks you in the head and really makes you want to grab a piece of pen and paper and start working.!
of course, everything is easier said than done... I recommend the audiobook so you can maybe do a repeat of the book... since it's short... but I know that you will get dismotivated after reading ... that's why you read it in the first place... so his voice needs to stay clear on your mind.
But a good read, all the methods work, they have worked for millennia... We know what we need... we just need the discipline to apply it. this book makes great points on why and how to develop discipline...
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