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January 29, 2007
The Stones released a series of really good, trendy albums throughout the 60's, when Brian Jones was still alive and contributing. The first few were heavy on R&B covers, with Jagger-Richards compositions increasing as time went by. "Out Of Our Heads" boasts only 4 Jagger-Richards songs: "Satisfaction", one of the greatest rock songs ever and the one that began the Stones' elevation to rock royalty; "The Last Time", an excellent early rocker that preceded "Satisfaction" on American radio; "The Spider And The Fly", a sly, clever tune about infidelity on the road; and "One More Try", a decent rocker. Two of the best cuts on the album are credited to Nanker Phelge. Who was that? I didn't know, so I looked it up. It was a pseudonym for songs written by all 5 band members. Those 2 cuts are "The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man", an amusing roots-rock tale about the life of the title character, and "Play With Fire", a ballad that is serious as a heart attack. Of the R&B covers, I like "Mercy, Mercy" and "Cry To Me" the best. I think they most effectively show off the Stones' talent. As for the remastered sound, it is quite incredible if you were used to listening to old vinyl LP's, as I was. "Satisfaction", "The Last Time" and "Play With Fire" sound especially good. To sum up, a fine effort from a rapidly developing band, and of course we now know that the best was yet to come.
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