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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2019
So to start off this thing is NOT true VR, for all of those thinking it will be. It's a simple version of VR that only gives you the ability to look around and use the joy cons for simple movements. Don't buy this expecting an Oculus Rift or even PS VR with full 3D movement. Also, the Switch's screen is only 720p so it will be fairly blurry, but text is large so it's not a problem and works out fine.

Building the headset and Blaster was actually kind of fun and the cardboard feels pretty decent quality, a bit above something like google cardboard. Nintendo created a video that has 3D models of all the pieces and you can fast forward and rewind it as you please. The blaster is pretty cool, it uses rubber bands to give resistance to the pump and trigger. The VR lenses are good quality and workout well, it's decently comfortable for your face and eyes.

So most of the games are pretty simple tech demos that aren't very fun. The blaster games can be cool, but the regular games in the Plaza feel kinda of pointless. So content wise this kit is lacking pretty badly, so hopefully Nintendo release more blaster games in the future, and that Mario Odyssey and Zelda content drops soon.

So the biggest flaw I really have to mention is the motion blur with this thing. No idea why Nintendo didn't iron this out before release but when you look around there is an extreme blur. It's so extreme it messes with my eyes, to the point to where I try not to move my head unless it is absolutely necessary. Nintendo really needs to fix this issue. I'm hoping it's only for this Labo VR game, but we shall soon see once more games start getting VR content. Besides the motion blur, I really like this Nintendo VR for what it is.
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