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May 16, 2017
This is my first try with Seagate in a long time (mostly a HGST guy). Inside this case is Seagate's Archive hard drive which OEM bare drive retails for $249. So for $179 it's a steal. (read about the Archive drive on Seagates website)

USB 3.0 interface was fast. Tested empty drives formatted in HFS and ExFAT, both were a constant 180-190 MB per second read/write. After the drive was 90% full, large files peaked at 100MBps read and write, and smaller files averaged around 64MBps write, 80 read. Decent. Been running 6 of these for a week now 24/7 and have had no problems. All files have transferred and verified. And I performed a complete sector scan verify on one of them with no issues reported using SoftRAID for OSX.

Cases are plastic so they're not the best for heat dissipation, but the drive itself sits in a metal bracket inside the case which helps. The case has vent holes on the bottom for some reason instead of the top, and holes on the back, but nothing on the front. I've been keeping a small fan on them as I've been copying and verifying for 24/7 for a few days. Probably not best to run 24/7 unless there's some cooling on them or they're in a very cold room. But I don't imagine most people will be running them at full tilt for days on end.

I would buy these and take the drives out of their cases and put into a NAS. I'm curious how they'd perform long term.
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