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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019
After reading a review by a DGS fellow that said he had 30 years in the tech business, I thought this was a real P.O.S.. Well, a little while ago my Ex called me up because she was having some issues with her computer and wanted me to look at it. Being the sap I am, I said ok. Turns out the HDD was bad. The bells went off and I remembered the review left buy the tech guy in Florida and I thought "Eureka!". I would get this SSD for her system and within a few days her computer would explode like a dumpster full of TNT.
I get the SSD not on time but a full day early in fact. It installs super easy and she comes and picks it up. I have to hide my excitement as I just wait to hear about the evil that is to come. So after about a week I get anxious and call the Ex to see what was up. Her "Boy Toy" answers and gives me the dreaded news. Not only is it still running, but it is super fast and efficient. He then proceeds to thank me and compliment me on "How mature" it was of me to do this for her even after how messy the divorce was. And how good of a person I really was for being the bigger person and all of that.
Long story short, if your looking for a piece of hardware to sabotage your Ex's computer with, this is not it. But, if you are looking for a stable SSD on the cheap to add some performance to your system, well, sadly this is in fact it.
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