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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2018
Update: August 13, 2019, Tuesday

After a purchasing this same memory card from another buyer, it's been shown that some of those Micro SD cards have to be compatible on both the device being used to record, and the one used to replay/playback the recordings. To access the full span of the 128gb, some devices (like the security camera I purchased the Micro SD card for) can only read up to 32gigs of memory no matter how much memory is on the card. SO it is possible that I was using a device that can only read up to 32gigs at a time. I haven't repurchased this item from this supplier so as not to leave it up to chance, although I will update them from 1 stars to 3 stars simply due to my own lack of knowledge at the time. Perhaps their product did work as expected...Possibly.....

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I purchased what I thought was this item on Friday November 2, 2018 and thought it was a great deal because it was cheap. I read other reviews about even cheaper ones selling for $7-$12 that said those were a scam and not the actual product. So I thought that since this one was priced at $22.25 at the time, that this one was legit. THIS MEMORY CARD IS NOT THE 128GB MICRO SD CARD as advertised. To make sure I was not falling victim to the scams the other reviews talked about, I tried to transfer something well over 32gigs (40+ GIGS) just to be sure. It told me I needed 14.4 more gigs to copy it. That's strange......seeing as how this is advertised as a 128gb Micro Sd Memory Card. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT THE 128GB MICRO SD MEMORY CARD AS ADVERTISED!!! DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU THINK YOU'RE GETTING A GOOD BARGAIN. THAT'S NOT THIS PRODUCT!!!!
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