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August 30, 2019
Listen, if you are like all the one star reviewers that are offended by any curse word, any act of sexuality outside of the m/f dynamic, or are simply just easily offended... don't watch the show. It is a gritty, adult fantasy that will ensnare you. If you are a fan of character driven dramas, action, and all things fantastical, this is a winner. I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for a new fantasy series to come out that would not disappoint. As most fans of the fantasy genre know, it is so hit or miss with whether a production will be wonderfully constructed, or terribly flawed. Thankfully, this proves to be the former.
The world building is complex, the social issues are relatable, and the characters are quite fascinating.

Now, would I let my kid watch this show, probably not. But I wouldn't let her watch Game of Thrones or the like either. This is not a Hallmark movie, it's not a Disney show, it's not a feel good family romp.... it is a complex fantasy series crafted for adults. It deals with dark themes, think Jack the Ripper-esque stories with a fantasy twist. So, if you enjoy series like True Blood, Game of Thrones, or simply enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi novels... this is a show that is sure to sate your appetite!
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