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Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2019
The Hunger is a fictional take on actual events that took place in 1846-1847 along the Oregon Trail. Stranded in the snow with no food for several months the Donners were forced to resort to cannibalism to survive. When I picked this book up I expected the cannibalism and the struggle to survive with no guarantee that there would be a rescue or that they would survive until the snow melted and be strong enough to make it help would be the main driver of the story. The details of what happened are kinda sketchy and allow plenty of room to elaborate and yet stay within the confines of what happened. This is not the route the author took. Instead, the story has a supernatural bent as something is stalking the party as it crosses the continent. As other reviewers have said there is also a romantic element to the story that I did not have a problem with but it did not seem to add to the overall plot. I would say that the story starts with a lot of promise as the story lends itself to horror since the actual events were pretty horrific in themselves. But in the second half of the book, the narrative seems to meander and wander with no real idea of where it is headed. This was a missed opportunity. Overall this is still an interesting book and if you are not familiar with the story of the Donner Party this is an entertaining story that will make you want to learn more about it. But it could have been better if it would have just stuck to the actual story a little closer.
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