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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2015
All things considered, a great product.

Some reviewers have complained that it is too large, but it is the generous 1.8 quart / 1.7 liter capacity that makes it sizable. It is well-balanced and easy to handle. It is easy to left off the base -- the cord attaches to the base of the unit, not the kettle itself -- and reposition back on the base. The 1500W heating element heats the water very rapidly, faster than a conventional kettle of the same capacity heats on my electric cooktop range.

One early observation I had was that the cord was too short: I measured it at about ten inches. It was when I read other Amazon product reviews here that I realized my unit's cord was wrapped around a base storage device; when I unwrapped a turn or two, the cord length was fine.

The power indicator comes on while the kettle is heating but there is no "Hot" indicator or warming function. If you want really hot water, just flip the power switch again to reheat your water. I'm sure an indicator light and a warming feature could have been added to the design but the cost would go up as well.

One reviewer disliked the interior vent near the top of the handle. The vent is part of the mechanism by which the kettle senses steam from the hot boiling water and shuts off the heating element.

The Secura kettle is now a permanent and welcome part of our kitchen counter "coffee station".
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