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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2017
I love my Crocs! I was happy to find this cuter version. I was Desperate for them because my feet were suddenly in a lot of pain and were also suddenly a size and a half bigger because apparently my very high arches have flattened out a bit at the beginning of my third trimester in my pregnancy. These wonderful shoes have taken away all my pain and aren't as ugly as traditional Crocs so I feel I can rock them with sass. I even slip into them to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because if I don't my feet will ache! It's crazy! Something else extremely helpful was getting arch supports from Target that stay stuck down where I placed them in the shoe. I also bought a truly attractive paper of croc sandals that along with the arch support achieves the same comfort and now I can wear two pairs of shoes! 😂

P.s. in case it's helpful to anyone I was previously an 8 1/2 and now I am a size 10. I was worried that the sandals wouldn't fit as well but both pairs of shoes are great. I'm hoping to go back to my pre-pregnancy shoe size by building my arches back up after birth while the hormone relaxin is still in my body. A friend recommended rolling a can of soup under my arches often after birth to build them back up 😂 lol. She said it worked for her.

UPDATE: for anyone who's curious, my feet are 8.5s again :-D they are a tiny bit wider, but most of my shoes fit, I only had to get rid of a few pairs of tennis shoes. I did roll my arches on cans a little bit, but I think they would've got y back anyway. My croc sandals are currently too big (saving them for next pregnancy), but I can still wear these standard Crocs! Still love them! Even if they aren't my go to shoes like they were in pregnancy.
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