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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2018
The Girl Before had an interesting premise with the oddities of the rental house and the strict rules that go with it. For me, I find it a little out there that anyone would agree to over 200 rules to live in a pristine house with barely any belongings. Let alone the fact one rule says no books! How ironic a rule of no books in a book. I found the landlord very predatory, and the whole situation would have sent me running. But I know the low rent holds a big appeal and I can see why it would be a draw.The layout of going from past with Emma and present with Jane was unique, and it helped to pull the storyline together. Saying "in the tradition of Girl on a Train...Gone Girl..." seems a bit of a reach for me, as this book doesn't give you that "edge of your seat thriller, suspense, stress" that you get from the other books.
But it was a unique idea and it was an interesting premise, if not a bit overpriced considering it needs to be vetted by an editor a bit for some spelling issues and the random use of quotes in some "chapters" and a complete lack thereof in others.
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