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November 6, 2019
I’ve read all the reviews not only on Amazon, but also on other web sites before I bought this product. It turned out there were all true.

The biggest bad thing of this product is it’s not capable of recording stereo sound AT ALL!!! Even though they say it is! I even contacted this company via official channel on YouTube and they said it’s stereo compatible with normal recording system like default iPhone camera app or something. However, I haven’t got any stereo sound from it. I used iPhone and iPad camera app and OSMO Pocket with an expensive microphone adapter, but it didn’t record in stereo!!!!! And since there is no noise cancellation or directional system unlike gun microphone, there was too much background noise...(but OSMO Pocket on-boared microphone was even worse lol) I think you shouldn’t go for this if you wanna get handy stereo microphone...and recent iPhones are capable of recording videos in stereo!

(I tested it by tapping both sides of the microphone and listened to the recorded sound through AirPods on MacBook Pro. No matter which I tapped, both of my AirPods sounded identically.)
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