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Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2015
I loved this book. It really tugged at my heart strings! At first I loved Aspen, then I hated Aspen, then Prince Maxon just seemed like a contestant on The Bachelor to me, then I loved him, then I got mad at him, then I loved him again, then I loved Aspen again! Seriously, I have no idea who to root for! The love triangle just threw me into a million different directions!

I mainly loved that America didn't just instantly *swoon* over the prince and fall in love. That she knew her heart was still longing for someone else and was honest to Maxon about it. I felt that was honest, more realistic. Because when you're in love... you just don't move on in a day! I always get irritated with books with isntalove! Although at the end, I kind of got mad at her for her actions (I don't want to spoil it for anyone).

Also... I hate her name! America Singer? Really? They live in what was once America and her occupation is a singer *facepalm* Just the most unoriginal name ever....

Now, I don't like this book for the riveting story line....there is pretty much no plot. It's just a big popularity contest with a bunch of evil girls that want to sabotage each other. The few that are nice to each other... yea ok... they're competing to become a princess, eventually a queen... NO ONE is going to be nice to each other.
I like this book for the love story
I have been reading a whole lot of action/magical powers type stuff, so this is a wonderful easy read to get away from that type of story and just read some good ole love triangle drama !
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