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May 16, 2016
This would be a nice utility knife if the scissors worked! The knife blade is sharp an firm in the handle. All the blades are accessible and firm in the knife base. The knife feels good in my smaller hand. The scissors, however are poorly made and very disappointing. Compared to the rest of the knife they are poorly made. The scissor blades do not meet right to cut and therefore twist what you want to cut instead of cutting. The spring on the scissors slips off the arm causing a jam. This knife is so close to meting great but the scissors are disappointing. Unfortunately I use the scissors a lot and they are important to me. The knife is a tool and this tool almost makes it, but .....I am disappointed. Back to Victorinox.
Update! I was contacted by the Rugged Knife Company after my review. They offered to send me a new knife. I just received the knife with a nice letter. My major problem with the original knife was the scissors, and the scissors on the new knife are perfect. With this change I am changing my evaluation rom 3 to 5 stars. This is a good solid multi use knife. The blade is sharp and the tools are well made. The scissors cut well. The price point of this knife makes it a great value. The letter that came with the replacement knife claims that the company will tighten their quality control. I hope that this is so.
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