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The manufacturer commented on the review belowDecember 4, 2018
Buy the HP F510. I have used it in my work vehicle for 8+ hours a day with no problems. This one, the F330, died after only three months in my personal car with light use. Customer service is crap. They don't listen to the fact that the camera will not power up at all. The original complaint was that the camera powered up one morning with a "card reader error" on the screen and then shut down. No swapping of cards or power cords would remedy the problem. I told them this and they responded with questioning weather the card was formatted and told me that the card needed to be formatted regularly, or that maybe the card was the wrong card. I told them the card was the recommended card and the I had swapped out the card with a known good card but the problem was that the camera would not power up at all. This garnered another round of "it might be the card. It needs to be a class 10 32g card" along with "it might be the power switch, can you send a detailed video of the power switch?" Really? We need a detailed video of the power switch because I'm too much of a moron to tell if it's broken or not? I sent the effing video and a photo of the class 10 23g SD card and then got no response. I'm understandably pissed. A lifestraw bottle of almost the same value was replaced without question as soon as I asked about a problem. This is what I would have expected from HP and why I chose to purchase an HP product rather than one of the many choices from companies I have never heard of. Guess I would have been better off rolling the dice on FuYoungSunnyLuck Enterprises, because right now that sounds like a more reliable option.
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