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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018
I guess you always see it all over YouTube these Blazing fast speeds from this SSD or SSD's in general I'm not 100% impressed, I guess reviewers really over hype these hard drives a bit much, tested with Windows first it was a bit faster but not super fast I was a bit let down to be honest, tested with Linux and I couldn't tell a deference, yes I updated the firmware still not much that made me feel like it was worth the extra money.

side by side in two computers with same A7 AMD motherboards and exact same specs SSD verses Seagate 7200rpm drive:
Windows 10 verse Windows 10, SSD was a bit faster but not by much, nothing I'd be bragging about at least.
Windows 10 SSD verses Arch Linux running Cinnamon w/ the Seagate 7200rpm hard drive, Linux was faster w/
the mechanical drive over the SSD running Windows 10.
Final match up Linux verses Linux both computers set up exactly the same w/ Arch Linux running the Cinnamon
O/S and honestly couldn't tell a difference, I somewhat feel I could have done better simply sticking to the
Mechanical Hard Drive and saved a bunch of money, not to mention gotten more storage space cheaper.

Can't trust these reviewers on YouTube apparently, I hope the SSD is maybe a bit tougher, I really wanted the blazing speeds everyone keeps talking about, but I unless something drastically changes I won't be wasting my hard earned money a second time, next Laptop I build I'll just upgrade to the 7200rpm mechanical hard drive and double my storage space.........................................
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