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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2018
I was so in love with this book at first. The dynamic father-daughter relationship of Wavy and Kellen is heartwarming. As Wavy grows and is protected by Kellen, the reader begins to thing of him just as Wavy did — her protective “gentle giant”. Unfortunately, the author took her opportunity to turn this into a truly amazing “who are we to judge love?” book, and instead turned it into pedophendllia. Love was what drove the reader to smile when little Wavy hugged Kellen, but disgust is what makes the reader shiver when a 28 year old man talks about a 12 year olds boobs. This book is not one that pushes your thinking, that makes relatives uncomfortable at thanksgiving with differing opinions, this is a disgusting book of the grooming of a virtual sex slave, and makes readers uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons. We root for Kellen at first, the author twisting our mindsets into thinking it’s nothing more than platonic, and when it suddenly turns sexual, we are not as disturbed as we should be. A man “marrying” a 13 year old is a molester, not the hero he is depicted as
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