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Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2019
I like smoked meats, and having a reliable remote read thermometer is essential for helping to not only monitor the internal temperature of your food but also the temperature of the smoker. Door mounted thermometers are notoriously unreliable so it's important to have a thermometer you can trust because you're smoking to temperature and not time.

There are no physical buttons on the thermometer. Everything is all touch, and it's not always clear how much touch is required to activate any of the buttons... Several times when I was inspecting the thermometer or showing it off to friends I discovered it had turned on by brushing over the SET spot, which doubles as the on/off button. Whenever you touch a button the unit will emit a loud "BEEP" to confirm the input. If you are not using the app you must have a temperature probe inserted into a channel before you can configure the target temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the thermometer will continuously beep in alarm - seemingly without any way to silence it (I tried). The only way to turn the beep off was to adjust the target temperature to above the set point.

During my tests, the Smartro ST55's probes were within a degree or two of my control thermometer's readings. I had difficulties with keeping the app paired to my phone. Additionally, it seemed like the thermometer went through batteries quickly.... the set included plus another pair were replaced during one single 15 hour smoke.

The app leaves some things to be desired for me. Most notably, there is no way to export temperature data. Additionally, in order to begin logging one must tap a button labeled "start". During my smoke, the timer seemed to get randomly reset... I'd check on temps only to discover the previously logged data is gone. Also, the text when you go to view the graphs is impossibly small. I had to take a screen shot of my display and then zoom in on the screen shot just to read it. Also, when a target temperature is hit, the app stops the timer and with it the temperature log is wiped out.

In the end this little unit was useful to have, and I think that with some adjustments in the software several of the issues I encountered would be resolved. Not sure if this can be implemented in the current hardware, but some kind of buffering of temperature log data would be nice to have. Plus, saving/exporting of log data would be good as people who smoke meats sometimes like to look at historical data for trends.
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