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June 28, 2019
So I was a little skeptical about buying lube from Amazon but I figured i'd give it a shot. After all having it delivered to your house is a lot better than going to walmart and buy some and getting all the looks from people as you put it in the cart or the lady at check out. Like come on now...I'm am husband and I have sex...dont be getting all judgemental just because my kids are with me and I also need to get diapers to. Heaven forbid you set off the door sensors and you get stopped and you have to show your recipt as the door greater goes through your bags...
The bottle is big. We got the 12 ounce and I don't know what I was thinking I was going to be getting but this wasn't it. THIS WAD BETTER!
The labeling is beautiful. Not saying thats a deal breaker or anything but I like when a product has a nice look, its like when you find change in your couch. Its a nice surprise.
My husband and I tried it the night that we got it. We have a 1 and 2 year old so most nights theres not time for forplay and we have to get creative while still being intament. I have to say i really love this stuff. Other lubes that we've tried have felt sticky and really unpleasant. Not only is it not sticky but there isn't a gross taste either if you get what im saying....wink wink
Its really soft and gentle on the skin. Theres no weird smells which is great because if its going to be inserted inside ya the last thing that you want are all of these chemicals that are used for scents and things like that all up in ya. We've used it multiple times. Its the best lube we've ever used. Plus with it being water based its a lot better for you. All and all very happy.
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