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Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2018
Update, Feb. 2020:
This vacuum still works great after 1.5 years. The phone app continues to make improvements (some of which are massive and very useful). The only maintenance I have needed to do has been related to cleaning the sensors and filter.

You can now edit your map to contain "no-go zones" and "invisible walls" for areas you do not want your bot to go.
With the new application improvements, users also have options for:
Saved Maps
Carpet Mode
Do Not Disturb Mode
Timer (with many options for repeating such as any day/time/cleaning-mode you want and multiple timers may be added to have different timed cleanings on different days of the week that you choose)
Voice and Volume options
Cleaning Mode (Silent, Standard, Medium, Turbo)
Remote Control
Cleaning history (with the map from each time)
Maintenance (the app tracks the robot maintenance for the filter, side brush, main brush, and sensors)

I have left my initial review here so you can see the improvements that are being made. If you want a great robot vacuum, you want this vacuum; a majority of the negative issues below (in my initial review) have been resolved through updates in the past 1.5 years. Imagine the progress that will be made in the future. You can't go wrong with this bot.
Initial Review, July 2018:
This is an excellent robotic cleaner. It does great on hard floors and transitions wonderfully to high pile rugs (some rugs it gets hung up bad in because of the sweeper `any robotic vacuum with the sweeper will get hung up` but most rugs it does good on). I really like the Wi-Fi and application (Mi Home) features. I am able to vacuum while I am at work. The zone cleaning is very handy and useful.

My reasons for only giving 4 stars and not 5 stars: It does not appear to be compatible with Amazon's Alexa (there appears to be a skill for Mi however the reviews say it does not work with the vacuum. The Mi Home application does not allow for reoccurring cleaning times with the zone cleaning. The map does not save (the vacuum newly maps your home each time it starts). This is a good thing because you can move furniture and not worry that it won't be mapped. The mopping feature is nice however instructions specifically state not to allow for docking while the mopping attachment is in use. The nature of the design of the mopping feature creates an issue for carpet because when you mop everything is mopped (including carpet and all). These negatives could be overlooked however for the price tag the application features should be more accommodating.

I don't regret buying this vacuum however you can get a less expensive vacuum with the same application features that does a good job vacuuming. I feel like I paid extra for the mopping feature which is useful however not useful enough to bring the price tag a couple hundred dollars above others that have all of the same features except for the mopping feature.
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