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February 24, 2019
This food has decent ingredients. My small dog seems to like it. We use it as a supplement- -- an evening snack. Her main meal is the home-made dog food that we make ourselves (chopped beef, liver, vegetables, bone meal and other supplements). We do notice that when she has had a bit more of the dry dog food, her poops are much, much bigger. Once she even had an accident in the house (she felt awful) because she just couldn't retain all that waste. We were really chastened because she had had a larger than usual "snack" of the dry food the day before. We are now very careful to only let her have a little bit of this food for her snack. Making her own food takes about 45 minutes every three weeks or so, and costs about $1.00 per day for the ingredients. It would be simpler and maybe less expensive to use ready-made food, but this unintentional "experiment" (leading to the accident) has increased our conviction that we should continue to feed our own home-made food, which is obviously much more nutrient dense.
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