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 i hear stranger(s) talking through mic since last Monday. i contacted wyze, sent the log file and video. we were told to change the password. so we did. on saturday after password is changed i was testing the mic and heard a chinese? lady and early sunday morning, there was alert with some strangers conversation recorded. i can only upload 1 video so i’m posting one from yesterday. i cannot tell what language is this.... and nobody was near also no one around here can speak this language.

this is what wyze customer support reply from the first incident from last week.:

First, if you are concerned about security the first thing you should do is change your account password to make sure you are the only one with access to the camera. If the camera is shared with any accounts I would suggest the shared account holder also resets their passwords.

Next, to talk a little about our security. Our cameras utilize a point to point encrypted connection, this means that when you attempt to connect to a camera (specifically connection step 2/3) the camera and the app will perform a handshake with our servers, confirming that both have the correct encryption key that is unique to the device. This means that currently, the only options for getting access to your live feed is to have the log in information of an account with control over the camera (either the account it is setup to, or a shared account) or an Alexa device that you have allowed access to your live feeds (again, this requires the log in information for the account).

anyway we changed the password and this just happened yesterday. i hope they can explain this....
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