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October 4, 2019
Only okay. I actually just ordered a different replacement and im hoping it doesnt have the same problems. I'll start with the good: it worked great at first. I think my favorite thing is the appearance, i ordered the Starry Night design, and i really love it. Fantastic looking design. That's really it, as far as the good goes. Right off the bat, the main hinge is a little flappy, extending out past the edge when folded over, so its not very comfortable to hold that way. But the biggest problem is the other hinges, the parts of the cover where it folds, they fray over time, which creates two serious problems. The main problem is that it doesn't stay propped open anymore, especially when tilted up compared to facing forward. The second problem is that, the magnets are weak enough that the frayed hinges cause it to not lock closed anymore usually. And because the fire is designed for the screen to come on when you open a cover, this has actually led to the battery being drained when i didn't notice. Even with the fraying, both of these problems would be solved with stronger locking mechanisms holding it closed and holding the flap in place open.
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