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Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2014
I like this opener, and it has some nice features like time-to-close (TTC), light sensor, internet gateway compatibility, and a large activation button that doubles as a cover, so you don't accidentally activate the door lock feature.

That said, I purchased this control panel with the world's quietest motor. I very deliberately purchased the quietest motor I could. I even installed the wall-mounted motor on the far side of the garage to mitigate sound even further. Unfortunately, to my horror, when you activate "close door" from the internet gateway appliance (phone, computer, etc), this control panel treats the command as a TTC command, and begins a very loud series of beeps that rival my ADT home alarm. The door takes no action for 15 seconds during the warning siren. After 15 seconds, the door begins to close, yet the beeping continues until the door is completely closed. Of course, the quietest motor is also one of the slower units, so I get to listen to the LiftMaster symphony for an extended period of time. So much for silent operation. I mean seriously, why bother with the quiet motor?

So now that you've woken your household at 2am, you kick yourself when you realize that the delay in pulling out your phone, opening the app, activating the close door feature, waiting fifteen seconds during the sirens of serenity preamble, and then the undetectable transition into continued percussion could have been completely avoided by walking over and pressing the button yourself. Both time and serenity saved.

I appreciate safety features, but my beam sensors have been working flawlessly in the same house for 25 years. No one has been crushed, despite the lack of siren. If companies want to include features like this, I would prefer the option to disable them. I will be performing surgery on the unit to remedy the problem myself.

EDIT: This might be helpful for those concerned that all remote closure commands might trigger the warning beep - The 'ENTER' button on the Liftmaster wireless keypad, which can be located anywhere nearby (inside or out), will not be interpreted as a TTC command, and therefore will not delay the closure of the door or start the warning beeps. In fact, if you just wanted to close your garage door without checking if it's open, you could use this device to do just that. Without entering any numeric pin, the ENTER button will always shut the door if the sensor beams are clear of obstacles.

EDIT2: I've muffled the beep. Doing so is simple, but may void your warranty. I did not see or remove any tamper-evident labels. I have uploaded two images to aid in the process.
1. Remove the panel from the wall by lifting the button cover and removing the wall screw with a Phillips-head driver.
2. Slide the entire unit up to disengage the lower wall screw. Some pressure against the wall may be required.
3. Using a Phillips-head driver, remove the back screws to free the red and white wires and the circuit board. LEDs flash on the unit for a few seconds.
4. With the unit free from the wall, use a non-metallic object (your fingernail) to lift the cardboard backing. Gentle pressure may be required at top tabs.
5. Using a flat-head driver, gently pry the circuit board from the tabs (see customer image).
6. Remove the board and flip it over to access the piezo buzzer (see customer image).
7. *Roll a small section of tissue and insert it deep into the buzzer hole so that it presses against the diaphragm.
8. Cover with electrical tape (repeat for additional muffling).
9. Reassemble and remount to the wall.
10. LEDs flash for up to five minutes while control panel recharges.
11. LED will go steady. Done.

*I used a paper towel, but alternatively, you can use a few drops of superglue, or remove the buzzer completely. If you remove the buzzer completely, you will lose the ability to hear low-battery tones, or other alerts that may be beneficial.
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