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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2019
First off let me say that the camera takes good quality video. While the auto mode does seem to be a bit sensitive and switches from night vision to regular vision quite often, the video is sharp. You can rotate the camera from the phone app, talk/hear what is going on while viewing live footage, and somewhat control the sensitivity of the motion detection alarms/notifications so you don't get a notification every time a leaf falls.

HOWEVER, if you are wanting this as a surveillance camera that saves footage to the cloud so that you have access to it from anywhere, then this may not be the camera for you. The product info makes it sound like once you purchase a monthly plan (somewhere in the $2-$3USD per month range) you have seven days of cloud storage before it writes over it with new footage. This is not true, at least not if you think you have seven days of continuous footage. It stores little 17 second clips every time it senses a motion event, but not a continuous stream. So, if you have someone in your house and they take longer than 17 seconds to do something, the video stops recording and may or may not pick back up before the person has left the view of the camera. I had a friend stop by and the video stopped recording while they were still in the room and didn't turn back on until several minutes later and no explanation for what happened in the meantime. Other cameras offer free cloud storage for these short motion triggered clips and I wrongly assumed for the monthly charge I would be able to get more recording options for that seven day window. I am sure it stores continuous video to an SD card, but that doesn't do you any good if the camera is stolen or stops responding while you are away from the house.

The app itself freezes on my iPhone quite often. Also, while I am aware this camera is made in China, the English used in the app is sometimes hard to decipher and instructions are hard to come by. Finally, when I purchased the cloud service, I am not sure how secure that payment process is since there is no HTTPS or anything showing the connection to your credit card or PayPal is secure. Combine that with the fact the bill has "mininginfo" as part of the name makes me a bit uneasy.

So, if you don't care much about cloud storage or are okay with paying a monthly fee for little snapshots/clips based on triggered motion events, then this camera will probably be more than adequate for your needs. As I said at the beginning, it takes good, quality video and works well when viewing a live feed.

I will be returning it and looking elsewhere for a more robust cloud storage option.
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