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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2020
Very much like that the 1.8 liter capacity is just the perfect size for filling the so-called thermos or insulated vacuum bottles (if you prefer).Still need to be careful when handling hot water, but this water kettle is so much cooler to the touch with scalding risk significantly reduced. Our water hardness in winter increases slightly, sometimes leaving a light superficial rust deposit such as the 1' x 1' one found on the pouring spout, easily scrubbed away with a Scotch Brite scrubbing pad, also found on any stainless steel surface seasonally (summertime, too). Auto shut off works like a champ. Like to pour boiling water into kitchen sinks in winter to sanitize and heat pipes as an aid to help keep pipes from freezing in case power happens to go out. Works great! Do so once an hour or so if bitterly cold. Also boil one kettle full of water, pour into good sized pot, put on lid with no vent hole or aluminum foil if necessary, put in unheated oven and close oven door. Provides very nice radiant heat for several hours, again if bitterly cold, reduces heater usage. Make sure pan lid or foil is sealed as tightly as possible or there will be condensation. Many folks using heat tape for freeze up protection in our area had frozen and burst pipes when the power went out during a sudden windy bitterly cold ice storm, but we did not have any issues like that, resulting in significant savings and convenience. If the boiled water is used right away which normally we do, there is no metallic flavor, so far.
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