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Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2019
What an utter piece of garbage!!! I bought this in hopes to replace my old 1” pad I’ve had for a few years now from Costco hoping to get a bit more thickness. At first it looked good, I opened it up, and let it sit on the floor for 5 minutes to allow it to self-inflate.

But, as soon as I closed the valve and laid down on the pad, it started making a creaking/tearing noise all around. I thought maybe it’s just new and “breaking-in”, however it turns out the glue that connects the foam to the outer layer started coming loose and instead of the grid/dimple pattern, random air bubbles started appearing all over the pad. Think of a what happens when you squeeze a balloon animal - same concept. This was before adding any air.

I thought, well, maybe it’s normal and it will even out and put a couple small breaths of air in - but that just made it worse and more bubbles started popping up. I gave it a couple more breaths, and after laying down pretty much all glue came apart and as I moved around on it, the entire pad turned into a misshaped blob... kind of like an air mattress deflated 90% of the way.

Another thing I noticed is that the air coming out of the pad smells like toxic glue - my other pad never smelled like this.

At any rate, I’m returning this piece of garbage and going to use my old pad for the time being.
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