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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2020
This book seems to have all of the information needed to study, but there are way too many grammatical errors that make it seem homemade. This includes missing end punctuations in sentences, half bolded words, duplicated words and phrases right after each other, and just completely wrong prepositions used that make the sentence very confusing. I have to literally change words in the sentence for it to make sense. There is one paragraph that is copied and pasted right after the other with no changes.. This book was definitely not proof-read before it was sold. Not to mention that all of the pictures are in black and white and look like they were cropped from a different book online because they are slightly blurry. Some pictures, such as the periodic table, are color coded to show the different groups, but it is in black and white. The different shades of gray are unidentifiable. I don’t understand how there can be this many errors in a book that was made by “intelligent” people who are supposed to prepare students to take one of the most challenging tests. Spend a little extra money to get a better, more professional book.
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