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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
Jan 2019 Update: Eufy has demonstrated great customer service. They contacted me after my original review, offered some product support advice after asking some questions, and then offered an expense-paid return and refund option after use experience didn't change. This offer has gone above typical customer service even 3+ months after the purchase. My overall opinion on this model does not change, I still don't feel it's the best design for capturing pet hair, but my opinion of Eufy/Anker is improved.

We've had this for just over a month now, and I'd say it helps....but is a bit of a let down. We had a Neato D3(?) before which worked well until it bit the dust.

Bought the euffy for the reviews and price. I understand the concept of getting what you pay for, but I'm still a bit disappointed. My main points:
1) It does not pick up our dogs' hair. One black lab/German Shepard, one short haired mutt. Euffy collects hair into bunches, drags them around, and then deposits them on the carpet or rug transition. Easier to pick up? Yes. As good as the Neato? No way.

2) Suction power is limited compared to the previous device even when filter and brush are cleaned. I watch this thing leave visible specks of crumbs/dirt all the time. As soon as I turned this on the first time and went "is it even on?" I was suspicious.

3) the front always looks dirty. We have a lot of fine dust where we live and it just static clings to the front of euffy.

Pros: 1) it does help keep things cleaner between full in vacuums 2) the random patterning does seem to cover all areas within 2-3days 3) battery lasts to do most of our 1500sqft 4) doesn't get stuck as often as Neato did
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