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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2018
The good:

- These are the LIGHTEST WEIGHT RAIN BOOT YOU CAN FIND. Seriously, these things weigh nothing. I looked FOREVER (and I mean forever) for travel rain boots, and these were PERFECT. (In a backpack, every ounce counts.) Most rain boots are made of rubber or PVC, and this is made of the secret Crocs material ...whatever that is.

- They don't have unnecessary frills like buckles, polka-dots, logos, etc. I can't stand that. Instead, they have a clean, simple silhouette with nice, well-designed curves.

- They have a round, ample toe-box -- which I find more aesthetic than the basic (yawn) toe-cut, and it is healthier for your foot.

- The material is somewhat cushy under your foot. Similar to a very firm foam?

The bad:

- There is no lining and no in-sole. It is all made out of the same material. With no interfacing, (combined with the fact that the boot is not super flexible,) I can imagine it causes rubbing over time. It wouldn't provide any warmth in cooler weather, either.

- It was like wearing two OVERSIZED BUCKETS!! I ordered a half size up thinking I could add an insole (and as I am a half size, and they did not come in my size), and the boots SWALLOWED ME. The shaft / foot opening circumference is 13" -- which might be fine if you have very large calves. If you have medium to skinny legs, however, the opening is huuuuge, and it would collect rain. It looked like I was wearing two giant black marshmallows stuck on two toothpicks. It wasn't comfy. Nor cute. And it wouldn't keep rain out.

Sadly, I had to return them.

Note: CROCS, IF YOU'RE LISTENING -- can you make these with a smaller circumference and / or with an adjustable foot opening? Not everyone has the same calf width. And no one makes rain boots as light weight as you!! I'll add my own insole, if need be.
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