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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2017
good news/ bad news...I bought this about six weeks ago . I 'm going to compare it to the Instant Pot , because I've had both. The good news is that this PC is simpler- which I loved. It was easy for me, a person who always has trouble figuring out a manual- to start cooking immediately because of the simplicity of the buttons. The food tasted fantastic.

Whenever asked, they claim that this is a stainless steel pot. Well- the outside of it is. But the inside, which comes in contact with your food- is not. The inner pot is a very lightweight teflon coated pot. I don't want teflon. Would rather have stainless steel. The upper lid appears to be aluminum. Both teflon and aluminum have negative effects on our bodies.

In addition, the floating vent ( not the release vent, but the vent inside the handle) fell out after one month's use and no matter how hard my husband and I tried, we could not get it to stay in. So instead of being a pressure cooker, all of the steam was released out of the hole in the handle. The liquid inside thus evaporated. Food burned and the meat got tough. I threw it out a few days ago, got an Instant Pot, which is clearly more solidly made. The inner pot and the inner lid are both made of stainless steel in the Instant Pot. I will say, however, that I do find the Instant Pot more complicated to work. So there you have it, my views of the two pots. I will say this, though. I will never, ever be without an electric pressure cooker from now on because the food tastes so great!
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