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October 9, 2019
Now it's not working again. The sensor wire broke again and it's not counting rows or time. The rowing machine is worthless if it's not going to keep count. If this were around $100 then it wouldn't be so bad, but for $200 it's so frustrating :( I am just trying to get some exercise!

I emailed them telling them it's not working. They wanted me to send them a video showing it? Showing what?! I'm rowing and the display doesn't come on unless I manually turn it on, even then the display stays at 0 for all information.

They say maybe the sensor wire is too far from the magnet, but that was one thing I tried to fix it with, I pulled the sensor out slightly to bring it closer to the magnet and it still doesn't work. The sensor is SO HARD to replace so this is extra frustrating. I'm so irritated.

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This rowing machine is really great for beginners. It is quiet, easy to assemble, and works well. The screen isn't very detailed but if you are looking to keep track of how many rows and how long you've been rowing then this works fine.

I used it 3 times and it stopped counting. I emailed the seller and they were extremely helpful. They sent me the replacement parts - even waiting to mail it off while I was out of town so it arrived when I was home. They sent PDFs to walk me through the replacement process.

I replaced the defective part and it works great again! It was a little set back but I am very pleased with the help they gave me.
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