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January 5, 2018
I’ve been using this microphone for hours and all I can say is it was pretty much worth every penny. I’m gonna basically make this a subjective Pros and Cons review.

First off, the Pros, it really is a professional quality microphone that gives you a clear and crisp sounding voice (most evident when making podcasts/voice-overs/livestreams etc.). The microphone only has the Cardiod voice pickup pattern, meaning it would only pick up sound in front of the microphone (remember this is the Snowball Ice, if you want additional voice pickup patterns such as an omnidirectional pattern, I suggest you buy the regular Snowballs or the Blue Yeti). Now, about the make; it’s build is actually pretty sturdy, the outer shell of the microphone is made up of a very heavy duty type of plastic which gives you the “it’s gonna last a long time” feeling. For 40 bucks this really is the best microphone you can get considering the price, if you can shell in a bit more you could even get the Blue Yetis but preferably if you are starting livestreaming like me, the blue snowballs are a great starter microphone. Oh, and another thing, this is extremely easy to setup, it is literally just what the box says: “plug and play” just make sure that the input device is set to the Blue Snowball microphone.

And now for some Cons, the mic stand it comes with...oh dear lord, all I can say is that it’s pretty much garbage, it gives you limited adjustment and it keeps sliding, preventing you from obtaining an optimal position for your microphone; given this I would suggest also buying a microphone boom arm mount for your desk. Another thing I want to point out is the fact that this microphone can pickup plosives (those popping/distorting sounds microphones usually pickup when one pronounces ‘P’s or other loud consonants) really easily, so I might suggest getting a pop filter as well.

Summary: all in all, this microphone can pretty much float your boat in almost any aspect, it’s cheap price should not fool you as it’s quality definitely does not reflect the low price. Highly recommended!
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