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Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2018
We were always amazed at how much dirt we emptied daily and really miss the clean floors now that he's passed. It's super frustrating when it gets stuck or eats your expensive ear buds. It worked every day, but its patterns seemed totally random and would always return to the scene of the stuck crime as soon as he was removed. Ours kept getting stuck on a coffee table leg which runs parallel to the ground.
We often come home from walking in morning and notice he's not in his charger and go on a "bob hunt" which is like hide and go seek but the end result is finding the thing you forgot to take off the floor and removing it from his hungry jaws hoping it wasn't destroyed. He's hungry for shirts, power cords to your modem, headphones, phone chargers, and he loooooves macbook cables. He'll spend an hour humping the brick to your fireplace before the battery dies and you have to repaint the grind marks. I even 3d printed a bumper for him but it didn't let that stop his hunger for humping.

It's ok, the brushes will get tangled and you'll need to keep track and trim them so they don't get worse. If he gets stuck, and starts sanding down the walnut legs on your thousand dollar coffee table, and you punch it, the top is made of glass. Now you have glass everywhere and no vacuum to clean up the tiny shards of glass.

Very high.

Edit:. The product still stays at 3 stars but the company is 5. Their customer service is amazing and really took the time to try to fix my problem, even though it really couldn't be.
I ended up buying a vacuum that has laser mapping and it never gets stuck and avoids humping my coffee table. If you have a single material floor, give eufy a shot but with low furniture and multi surface floor including shah rugs, pass and get something you can add zones to.
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