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December 28, 2016
I returned it. The inner Non-Stick pan was the worst pan I'd ever used in my life, not exaggerating. As it was Bob stick (supposedly) you have to be gentle cleaning it. It became so gunked up, even up the sides, I was afraid of gems growing in it. I tried all the tricks, boiling water in it and staying with a wooden spatula, letting it soak overnight with dryer sheets, letting barkeeper friend soak on it before rinsing... Using vinegar in the water...
Seriously horrible. I would say the only good that tasted better than average was chili cooking in it.
Also: you can cook in a pressure canner, but you really shouldn't can lie acid foods in an unregulated (as this is) pressure cooker, besides, it wouldn't fit quarts in this.

Good luck, but I really can't recommend this until they fix the inner pot.

Meh. Haven't been able to cook roasts same tenderness as Crock-Pot, my chilis are definitely more flavorful, the non stick pot inside is a piece of garbage, and because it's non sick, you have to wash it carefully. Wish I could upload mobile pictures. It's the worst pot I've ever owned.
I had hoped to make bone broth with it, but have only managed meat broth (a much lighter broth then the bone), and haven't canned in it yet as there's a LOT of debate on whether you should or not as they claim you can, but the national canning org. Says not to can in electric pressure canners.

All in all... Not impressed. It's big, I like that I can saute and then pressure cooker all in one pot, but definitely needs to be tested for canning if they are going to claim it, and the inner put needs to be re designed with a good ol' stainless steel pot.
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