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September 14, 2018
First - get this! I was about to hold a funeral for my aging tower system. It has a reasonable quad-core CPU, I packed all the memory it holds, got a GPU, bought new and faster drives, and put the operating system and applications on their own drive. The boot time and constant lag were killing me. Then I saw this.

My only problem was that the instruction booklet and multiple help sites told me to run Magician which did nothing for me whatsoever.I ended up calling Samsung Support (very good support).
This is what he told me:
-- install the drive - I got the Corsair mount. Then just plug in power and SATA cables.
-- boot your computer
-- google data migration
-- download the Data Migration file and run it.
The Data Migration program runs until it's done. Shutdown and unplug/remove your old C: drive. I put the C:\ SATA cable from my old drive to the SSD drive (I had to put the one used for installation back in my CD drive.
-- boot your system. It will boot to the MUCH faster SSD.
-- Go back to the page you downloaded Data Migration from and download Magician.
-- Run Benchmark and Performance Optimize then RAPID.
I used the SSD for my operating system and Application files - any engine stuff. I left my mountains of data, pictures, art, music, etc. on the spinning disk drive they were on in the first place.
Voila! Your system lives again. Mine now boots in less than 1 minute, then it runs all my programs much faster the better.
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