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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on April 13, 2018
Complete garbage. Bought a kingston 128GB ssd and this adata 128GB SU800 back in February 2018. Both were installed in mid march running similar systems. The Adata machine started having difficulties and running slow. I went to reboot the system and it wouldn't come back. At first, the error was stating that the boot record was corrupt. I then proceed to use the recovery disc for repair. This is where things got interesting. The drive apparently failed to the point where the bios would recognize it but windows wouldn't load. I then proceeded to install it on another working machine to see if I can format the drive. The interesting thing is that that machine wouldn't even want to boot. I tried this with another machine and the same thing. My final remedy was to install it on the original machine and try to run the windows installer from USB and then try to install windows that way. No luck. There must be some critical failure when mounting the drive that prevents the OS from even operating.

Things go more interesting when I attempted to file an RMA. I created an account on Adata's website and filled out all of the information required to start the process. This involved entering my name, address, purchase data, serial #, product id, description of problem (text area), etc. They received this information and 48 hours later, I get an email with a word document stating that I must fill it out in order to finalize the process. Funny thing is that this word document has a small form which asks for my name, address, serial # and a one line sentence of the problem. Do you see the problem here? I just filled out a greater subset of information on their website when I started the RMA. Now they want me to fill out a word document with some of the information that I already fill out on the website. Not only that, the information on the website has much more detail. They even have a dropdown menu with an option that describes my problem 90%.

More problems. The drive I bought from amazon only had the product label and a small sticker on the side that reads "warranty void if broken" There wasn't a serial number on the drive whatsoever. The serial number was on the box. I let them know that there wasn't a number on the drive itself. They responded letting me know that the warranty is void because there isn't a sticker on the back with the serial number.

A couple points. Based on the FTC, they can't void the warranty. Also, either they forgot to put the sticker on the drive or amazon sold me a fake or used drive.

Adata's solution is for me to send them a picture of the back showing the lack of a sticker. I asked them what this is going to accomplish. Especially after going through the multi-step process of submitting the RMA. Leonard, the supervisor, told me that he would take it to management to see what they wanted to do. Other than wasting my time, I don't see what this is going to accomplish. Here is the picture for you viewing pleasure.
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