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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2019
The dog next door that I call Roof Roof barks all day and night, sometimes at 5am. The dog is like a big kid that I can't spank. As soon as the sun goes down he throws a fit like a child when its bed time. I use two of these frequency generators with a 1500 watt high frequency marine amp, with two 600watt rms super tweeters zip tied to 4pvc pipes that are hanging from the bed room window facing the dog from hell. Also I used a pc power supply to power the amp, I have everything hooked up to a power strip. The power strip is hooked up to an outdoor/indoor wireless switch with a keychain remote. 7pm every night I fire his a$$ up until his head hurts and he shut up. Oh yeah I tried the police and animal control, they said there hands are tied, there is no noise ordinance for animals in this city. Update 3/6/20 it stopped working, I could not find a speaker that would play high or loud enough. I took it down and started calling the police. One particular weekend they left the dog without food and water. So the dog was barking all night. So I called the police over to hear the noise. What ever the police told them on there ring doorbell must have spooked them. The dog is quite now
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