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February 20, 2018
I am using the keyboard & case to type this review.

A mostly rigid case with a soft vinyl (they call it "faux leather"), the case is slightly heavier than is comfortable for using the tablet for reading while holding the tablet away from your body (such as when lying down). I usually just remove the tablet from the case when I want to read. Since the tablet is the perfect size for single-handed reading, while being light, that seems to be the best option. The case has only one position for using the tablet for typing. While the tablet is ever so slightly brighter at a slightly steeper angle, that is actually OK since the angle actually seems to prevent glare on the screen. The plush inside of the case is a dust and lint magnet, but that is true for all plush surfaces. The brackets that hold the tablet are firm and strong, though they obscure a few pixels of the screen on 3 of the corners (mostly because of the very narrow bezel around the display). The first case I bought had a sample defect with the silicone covering the brackets, but the company stood behind their product and promptly shipped me a replacement case that clearly lacks the defect of the first one. The brackets that hold the tablet are attached to 1/2 inch elastic straps that help to cushion the tablet in the event of a drop. When around the tablet, the brackets protrude slightly past the edges of the case, adding to the protection they provide.

The keyboard is the star of this package. For such a tiny keyboard, it is surprisingly intuitive to use. The placement of the secondary characters (accessible via the Function [FN] key) is close to where they are on a standard keyboard, making them easier to find when you need them. The Backlight has 3 settings: Off, Low and High. This meets all of my needs. While not well documented, you can also change the color of the backlight using the backlight button and the up arrow key (there are 7 colors from which to choose). About the only issue I had was figuring out that I had to initially set the keyboard to be an Android keyboard, which is done via the FN + W keys. The keyboard has great battery life while not using the backlight, easily lasting an entire week of pretty persistent use.
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