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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2018
I really do like this umbrella, and really enjoyed it since I opened the box. It looks great, and I've had a ton of people asking me about it when they see it. IT comes in a nice black sleeve with a shoulder strap, which makes it pack down a little bit more nicely and makes it a little easier to travel. I know I also feel better about it protecting the end of the umbrella (which is where all of the weak little metal rods end) when it's in the sheath.

There are a few quality issues which I'm not as happy to share. Full disclosure, we've had a lot of rain in the past few weeks, so it got a really intense testing as soon as I got it. The fabric quality feels really light and flimsy, and I felt a lot as if I was going to rip it. The rods too seemed to bend a lot, which made putting it down in my car awkward, as you have to set it on those flimsy metal ends the it closes. I had a hard time getting the umbrella to both fully open and fully close, too, and so the end always seemed to be fanning too wide and would catch on things as I tried to set it down. The biggest problem though is the catch that locks the umbrella into place when it's fully open. Often the catch wouldn't set right away, and so it took several pushes upward for it to lock into place and keep me dry. This was kind of awkward, and there wasn't much of a tactile feeling of it being secure. Overall, it does the job but doesn't feel very high quality and doesn't seem to be as durable as I'd like.
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