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February 3, 2019
I cannot think of living, or ageing, without the impact of faith, no matter where that comes from. That is not particularly evident here. Unfortunately, after reading positive reviews in two major publications, I found I did not get much value from this book; I'd read it all before elsewhere. Endless tales of tragedy and suffering threaded throughout the book certainly happen in life. I'm not shying away from misery; I've had much myself. But I was looking for strength and fortitude and resilience and a more spirited attitude. For far better writing that conveys all of that, try Jan Morris' memoir, In My Mind's Eye. She is a 92-year-old excellent writer of note, living with and caring for her partner, who has dementia, in a cottage in rural Wales. She knows how to write. She is feisty, inquisitive, adventurous. Despite health problems, she marches up and down in front of her home, singing old hymns and songs out loud. Her words on art are especially powerful and have stayed with me. In Pipher's book the most memorable moments were quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt and Cheryl Strayed. And yes the print is small.
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