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Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2017
Device does precisely what it says it should do and then some!
This bluetooth to digital FM radio signal adaptor works to deliver the best quality audio I have heard yet on my SUV stereo and is literally superior to the sound quality and ability to play louder, than I get playing an HDCD directly on the CD player that is part of the Lexus Stereo that came with my GX470 and is not the upgraded audio system or even a high end name brand system--yet the sound quality of the FM radio receiver when its receiving the digital radio signal from the Nulaxy (running on frequency 89.7 -just randomly chosen low frequency on FM dial with no stations on adjacent FM bands) into the factory installed AM/FM radio on my 2004 Lexus GX470. the sterep system performs better than I have ever heard it sound using either the FM radio to play local FM radio stations with good signals, or even an HDCD directly played on the stereo systems built in CD player!
This was the first digital signal receiver I have owned on a factory installed car radio where you can see the stations handle and even the song name on the digital receiver's LCD display so it is a decent radio system but its not a higher end or after market AM/FM car audio system so I was not expecting it to sound much better than the earphone jack to cassette adaptor that got lost or broken before I bought this adaptor. But BOY WAS I SURPRISED when I cranked the volume on the car radio dial it delivered such a clear signal without any audible distortion or noise in the lower bass, mid-range or even the upper frequencies of rock tunes I played from my Amazon Music or iTunes library!
I was totally surprised it sounded this good.... was expecting a slightly dirty/noisy signal similar to the sound using the headphone jack and the cassette adaptor I bought maybe 4 years ago after wanting to connect my 1st iPhone or iPod to the car radio. Of course cassette adaptors are one of the worst methods to transmit music from your phone to your radio but I did not think Bluetooth over FM signal would be anything great, though in theory it should have been bettter as there should only be noise added across the radio interface--but not in this setup!... It seems that bluetooth to FM is a very clean interface and its not any different than connection from my iPhone into newer car with native bluetooth entertainment system that is integrated with the iPhone for playing iTunes or telephone connections without need to use any adaptor.
FWIW- I set my iPhone volume towards the top of dial. I also set the Amazon Music app or the Tunes Appplication volume within the app to near the top as well. This was the signal that is gettting to the radio is already near the high end of volume and so any amplification to the volume that is needed is done with my radio's volume dial, keeps it simpler had I needed to adjust for better quality I could have lowered the volume on the iPhone and on iTunes or Amazon Music player btut it sounded perfect using just the higher settings in the phone and app. WHen I carnked the car radio volume-magic-it sounds like my BOSE speaker or other high end stereo receiver in my home stereo in quality...that never was case on this car stereo before--normally never crank the car audio as it buzzes or crackles on high volume bass or sounded tinnny on the treble or mid-range setting it up it just sounds like I have good car stereo aand a high end car stereo/radio! Thank you Nulaxy! I never knew I owned a good car stereo until I used your adaptor..taught me a lesson about griping about bluetooth or car stereo .... MY SUV came with an after market DVD player ofr movies for kids on long trips etc. and that system used an FM modulator to connect the DVD player's sound to the Lexus FM receiver-and it used low frequency on FM dial as well-but it never sounded particularly good to me, it was just acceptable as the sound for a DVD or again--this device is far superior in transmitting its FM signal to the 10 year old DVD system installed by the car dealer as an aftermarket DVD player.
Thank you Nulaxy!
"Saul Goodman" :0)
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